2013 Other (Running / Cycling / Swimming)
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  Rally / Motorsport
 TitleSize DescriptionClicks
Koster Fiesta Rally54.08 KBDownload2013/03/021187
Lafarge Promosiewedren98.23 KBDownload2013/07/271084
Rotara 200 - Rysmierbult67.03 KBDownload2013/11/30790

  Road Cycling
 TitleSize DescriptionClicks
Magoebaskloof Road Challenge246.21 KBDownload2013/05/041072
Vula Vula cycle46.88 KBDownload2013/09/14994
Meals on Wheels Cycle100.35 KBDownload2013/09/22955

 TitleSize DescriptionClicks
Ebenezer Mile Swim152.61 KBDownload2013/03/161043
Rock Swim31.95 KBDownload2013/11/30807

 TitleSize DescriptionClicks
Bloemfontein Night Race456.43 KBDownload2013/02/011143
Gordon SCI Marathon77.22 KBDownload2013/04/201140
Bloemfontein 21 km57.13 KBDownload2013/05/111020
Platinum Trail Run68.10 KBDownload2013/05/261003
Redstone Trail Run #1112.21 KBDownload2013/07/21892
Redstone Trail Run #2134.74 KBDownload2013/08/25855
CESA Relay141.26 KBDownload2013/08/24901
Daybreaker 12hr Run46.86 KBDownload2013/09/141048
Legends Marathon99.66 KBDownload2013/09/21917
Braits G2G Trail Run74.40 KBDownload2013/09/28782
Lite2Nite 12hr Run59.41 KBDownload2013/10/05898
Jannas 18hr / 9hr Run656.50 KBDownload2013/10/11-12906
Coaldust Reach for a Dream Run26.78 KBDownload2013/10/19839
Aldam Multisport races139.18 KBDownload2013/10/26990
AID Trail run series47.85 KBDownload2013/11/23757

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